Love to Smile Again!

Replace missing teeth with long-lasting, stunningly natural-looking dental implants.

Imagine a world where you feel proud to smile, a world where you don’t have to suffer from tooth loss. They say “motion makes emotion.” How we express ourselves physically dictates how we feel emotionally. Then how can we be happy if we’re ashamed to smile?

Here’s the good news: we live in that world, thanks to dental implants.

Why Dental Implants?

  • They seamlessly blend with your smile, just like natural teeth
  • Replacing your missing teeth from root to crown, they function like natural teeth
  • Easy to clean, easy to take care of
  • Permanent — they won’t lose their shape or fall out, like dentures
  • Able to replace single or multiple teeth, including full arches

Put Your Smile in the Right Hands

Aside from my dental practice, I hold a position on the tumor board of John Macomb Hospital. I’ve met so many patients who are on the verge of losing everything, and yet they’re hopeful and happy. It has further instilled in me the appreciation of having the honor and opportunity of helping them, and this is a philosophy that very much carries over to my dental practice. There really is no better feeling than seeing a smile on a patient’s face.

I use the latest technology, such as the X-Nav navigation system, and the best techniques. I’m a member of all five major dental associations. I endeavor and work to be at the advanced edge of implant dentistry. All of this isn’t for me. Dental implants is what I do, but you are why I do it.

Choose a dentist who truly cares about you, a dentist who you can trust to deliver the results you want. Come in for a free consultation and I will prove to you that I am that dentist.

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