Dental Bridges in Waterford, MI

Revive Your Smile with Dental Bridges

Are you tired of feeling self-conscious about your missing teeth? Our Waterford, MI dentist, Dr. Amanda Sheehan offers dental bridges that are a practical and reliable solution to restore your smile and bring back your confidence. These unassuming yet effective dental prosthetics can seamlessly fill the gaps in your teeth, providing not only aesthetic improvements but also significant functional benefits.

What Is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is a fixed prosthetic device designed to replace missing teeth by anchoring artificial teeth (pontics) to adjacent natural teeth or dental implants. The pontics, which look and function like natural teeth, are custom-made to fit your mouth and match the color of your existing teeth, ensuring a seamless blend with your smile.

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Benefits of Dental Bridges

Dental bridges offer numerous advantages for individuals with missing teeth:

  • Improved Aesthetics: Bridges restore your smile, boosting your confidence and self-esteem.
  • Enhanced Oral Function: By replacing missing teeth, bridges help with chewing, speaking, and maintaining facial structure.
  • Prevents Shifting of Teeth: Filling the gap left by missing teeth prevents neighboring teeth from shifting positions, which could lead to misalignment issues.
  • Long-Lasting: With proper care, dental bridges can last for many years, making them a durable tooth replacement option.
  • Quick and Non-Invasive Procedure: Compared to some other tooth replacement methods, getting a dental bridge is relatively simple and involves minimal discomfort.
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Candidacy for Dental Bridges

Dental bridges may be suitable for individuals who:

  • Have one or more missing teeth.
  • Have healthy, strong teeth adjacent to the gap that can serve as abutments (anchors) for the bridge.
  • Have good oral hygiene practices and are committed to maintaining their oral health.

A consultation with your Waterford dentist is necessary to determine whether a dental bridge is the right option for your specific case.

Dental Bridge Process

The process of getting a dental bridge typically involves the following steps:

  • Initial Consultation: Dr. Sheehan examines your oral health, takes X-rays, and discusses the treatment plan based on your specific needs.
  • Tooth Preparation: If the adjacent teeth need reshaping to hold the dental crowns, the dentist will prepare them by removing a small amount of enamel.
  • Impressions: Precise impressions of your teeth are taken to create a custom-made bridge that fits perfectly in your mouth.
  • Temporary Bridge: While the permanent bridge is being fabricated, a temporary bridge is placed to protect the exposed teeth and gums.
  • Fitting: Once the permanent bridge is ready, the dentist checks its fit and makes any necessary adjustments.
  • Placement: The final bridge is then cemented or bonded into place, completing the restoration of your smile.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will a dental bridge feel uncomfortable?

It is normal to have some initial discomfort or sensitivity after getting a dental bridge, but this usually subsides within a few days. Your mouth needs a little time to adjust to the new restoration. However, a well-fitted dental bridge should not cause ongoing discomfort or pain.

Are dental bridges permanent?

Dental bridges are not considered permanent solutions, but they can have a long lifespan with proper care and maintenance. On average, a well-maintained dental bridge can last anywhere from 5 to 15 years or even longer. However, their longevity can vary based on several factors, including the individual’s oral hygiene practices, eating habits, and overall oral health.

How do I care for my dental bridge?

Maintain good oral hygiene practices, including regular brushing, flossing, and dental check-ups. Avoid chewing on hard objects or using your teeth to open packages.

Can anyone see that I have a dental bridge?

A well-fitted dental bridge should be designed to look natural and blend in with your surrounding teeth, making it difficult for people to notice it at a casual glance. However, whether someone can see that you have a dental bridge depends on various factors.

Take the Next Step Towards a Confident Smile at Oakland Family Dental!

Dental bridges are an excellent solution for those with missing teeth, offering both aesthetic and functional benefits. By bridging the gap in your smile, these prosthetics restore your self-confidence and improve oral health. If you have missing teeth, consider consulting your Waterford, MI dentist by calling Oakland Family Dental at (248) 674-0384 to determine if dental bridges are the right choice for you. With proper care and maintenance, a dental bridge can provide you with a beautiful and functional smile for years to come.