Preventive Resins at Oakland Family Dental

Add a Protective Layer to Your Teeth

At Oakland Family Dental, we use effective materials for many of our restorative treatments that can protect and help extend the durability of your teeth. A preventive resin restoration is used by Dr. Sheehan to seal deep grooves and acts as a natural tooth coating. It helps preserve teeth by providing a smooth surface that can help avoid any bacteria from affecting your tooth and help prevent tooth decay.

If you’ve been having trouble cleaning your deep grooves in any of your teeth, it’s best to schedule an appointment right away. Here, we can fill in those grooves before any further damage is done to your smile

When Do You Need Preventive Resin?

If you or your child have naturally deep grooves, then it’s best to receive our preventive resin treatment as early as you can to prevent tooth decay. Depending on your age, here’s a brief guide on when we offer preventive resin restorations to our patients:

  • Babies and Toddlers: Occasionally, we will fill in your youngster’s teeth if they already have deep grooves and are more cavity prone.
  • Children and Teens: We’ll oftentimes fill in the six-year molars as soon as they appear or any time throughout the cavity-prone ages between 6-16.
  • Adults: If Dr. Sheehan notices your deep grooves early on, she will fill them in right away to help prevent decay.

What to Expect at Your Appointment

The process in which Dr. Sheehan applies preventive resin to your teeth is a very easy appointment and can be completed quicker than ever. For patients who only require a single application of protective resin, this will take just a few minutes to apply successfully.

First, your tooth, or teeth, will be professionally cleaned and then dried off to prepare for the resin. The resin is made of a thin, clear coat that acts as an extra layer of protection for the enamel. It is then applied to each tooth’s surface with a special solution to bond the two together.

Once the resin hardens, you’re all set and ready to return to your daily routine. Simply continue with your regular oral hygiene regime, maintain a balanced diet, and return to our Waterford office for your biannual dental visits to ensure your resin lasts for years.

Maintain a Healthy Smile with Dr. Sheehan Today

If you’re interested in having a protective resin applied to your teeth to minimize exposure to plaque, call our office or visit Oakland Family Dental with any of your questions and concerns. The composite resin treatment can provide a layer of defense for your teeth that offer benefits for years.

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