Dental Fillings in Waterford, MI

Treat Cavities Before They Get Worse!

Did you know that 1 in 5 Americans has untreated cavities? The CDC confirms that cavities are a major problem among kids and adults. Although cavities are common among Americans, it’s important to get them treated before the tooth sustains further damage. At Oakland Family Dental, our Waterford Township dentist offers composite and silver fillings to help patients of all ages protect teeth from further tooth decay.

Choose Between Silver and White Fillings

Both silver and white fillings are placed depending on each individual situation. During your visit to Oakland Family Dental, Dr. Sheehan will typically give you an option of silver or white fillings, but other types may be available. Whichever filling is used, the goal is to fill in the cracks and crevices of the tooth. Fillings are a reliable and effective method of strengthening teeth and repairing the damage done by cavities.

Dr. Amanda M. Sheehan Can Repair Your Cavities – Find Out How!

Filling cavities is a common yet crucial treatment for protecting the health of your smile. During your routine visit to our Waterford dental practice, Dr. Sheehan will conduct a thorough examination of your smile and identify all existing cavities and any potential problem areas. From there, she’ll choose the best course of action to repair your teeth and restore your smile. If you have noticed any dark patches in your teeth or haven’t had a proper cleaning in the last six months, call Oakland Family Dental today to schedule your next cleaning and exam. Our family dentist looks forward to seeing you!

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