Supplemental Procedures in Waterford, MI 

Preparing for Dental Implants With Dr. Sheehan 

At Oakland Family Dental, we offer supplemental procedures to prepare you for dental implants. Most patients don’t immediately qualify for dental implants due to gum disease or a weak jawbone. Our Waterford dentist is committed to helping you reach your goal of a restored smile by improving your oral health with supplemental procedures. Patient satisfaction and comfortability is and will always be our first priority. 

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What Are Supplemental Procedures?

A supplemental procedure is used to prepare the teeth, gums, and jawbone for dental implants. Dr. Sheehan recommends supplemental procedures to patients who suffer from tooth loss, gum disease, or have had long-term dentures. These patients typically lack bone density — making them an ideal candidate for a supplemental procedure. 

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Our Supplemental Procedures

Bone Grafting 

Bone grafting is used to build new bone in the area of your jaw that used to hold teeth. Dr. Sheehan typically performs this procedure on patients whose jawbone has deteriorated over time due to missing teeth. By using donor tissue, our Waterford dentist can restore the strength of your jaw. 

Ridge Modification

Ridge modification is used to treat deformities in the upper and lower jaws. These deformities are often caused by periodontal disease, trauma, wearing dentures, or developmental problems causing insufficient bone for dental implants. 

Sinus Lift 

A sinus lift is used to raise the sinus floor and develop bone for the dental implants. More specifically, a sinus lift aims to increase the amount of bone in the posterior maxilla (upper jaw bone) in the area of the premolar and molar teeth, by lifting the lower Schneiderian membrane and placing a bone graft. Patients experiencing tooth loss or gum disease may qualify for a sinus lift. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still get dental implants without a supplemental procedure?

Dr. Sheehan requires all patients to undergo a supplemental procedure if they’re lacking adequate bone density. That way, we can increase the amount of bone in the jaw and set you up for implant success. Supplemental procedures can decrease the risk of failure, infection, and possibly tooth or bone loss. 

How long is the recovery from a supplemental procedure?

The recovery time after your supplemental procedure depends on the severity of your condition. Patients with extensive damage caused by jaw deterioration or advanced stages of gum disease may take longer for their smile to heal before receiving dental implants. After Dr. Sheehan examines your teeth and gums, she’ll have an accurate timeline of your overall recovery.

Does my insurance cover supplemental procedures?

Most insurance companies will cover a portion of your supplemental procedures, however, some won’t cover pre-existing conditions. We recommend contacting your provider to receive more information. If you have any additional questions about supplemental procedures, you can call our Waterford office at (248) 674-0384.

Should I adjust my diet after a supplemental procedure?

Dr. Sheehan will provide you with clear instructions about your diet, however, it’s best to avoid certain food and drinks during the first 24 hours. This can include:

  • Very hot and cold drinks
  • Applying pressure using a straw
  • Spicy, crunchy, or tough foods

Refresh Your Smile at Oakland Family Dental

At Oakland Family Dental, we’re ready to transform the lives of our patients by offering supplemental procedures. Dr. Sheehan is dedicated to helping patients become great candidates for dental implants. Don’t hesitate to call our Waterford office at (248) 674-0384 to schedule a visit or request an appointment online. We’re ready to join you on your journey to a new and improved smile.