Supplemental Procedures in Waterford, MI

Supplemental Treatments

For Dr. Sheehan, helping her patients prepare for dental implants with supplemental care isn’t just another step in a procedure. It’s a vital part of the process of transforming the lives of her patients.

Our mission is to give patients the freedom to smile confidently again. We provide a variety of supplemental treatments to help prepare you for dental implant placement. Discover how we use these treatment options to put you on the path to the smile of your dreams.

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When Is a Supplemental Procedure Necessary?

A supplemental procedure is used to prepare the teeth, gums, and jawbone for dental implant placement to ensure quality, long-lasting results. Patients who suffer from tooth loss, gum disease, or have worn long-term dentures typically don’t have enough bone density to support an implant⎼ making them an ideal candidate for a supplemental procedure.

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Bone Grafting

Sometimes patients are ready for dental implants right away and don’t need supplemental care. That said, many patients need bone grafting to prepare for implant placement. When a patient is missing teeth, the empty space left behind causes the jaw bone to weaken over time. This leads to bone loss, also known as resorption.

We can restore the strength of your jaw using donor tissue. Bone grafting is used to fix the weakened areas and provides the support your new dental implants need to look and feel just right.

Ridge Modification

When the jaw bone thins out due to resorption from tooth loss, it can make areas too thin for implant placement. Using ridge modification, our Waterford dentist can fix this issue by grafting artificial or donated bone tissue to the weakened area.

Similar to bone grafting, patients undergo a healing process that allows the existing bone tissue to grow around the donor tissue and help improve the overall strength of the bone.

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Sinus Lift

We use a sinus lift treatment when bone loss occurs in the upper arch of your teeth at the molar and premolar areas of your smile. Your sinuses may be too close to the implant area, and missing teeth can make the bone too thin to support implants.

Also known as sinus augmentation, this procedure allows Dr. Sheehan to add to existing bone tissue and prepare the jaw for dental implants in the upper arch.

Can I Still Get Dental Implants Without a Supplemental Procedure?

If you have insufficient bone dentistry, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to receive dental implants without a supplemental procedure. Dr. Sheehan requires that patients undergo a supplemental procedure, like a bone graft, ridge modification or sinus lift, to increase the amount of bone in your jaw for successful implant placement. Without it, you face a significantly higher risk of implant failure, infection, and possibly even tooth or bone loss.

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